against all hope, believe.

Month: October 2015

The place I will not go.

Some days are darker than others. Sometimes the clouds roll in before dawn even has a chance to rise. These are the days that require more fight, more effort to plow ahead than others. Days that you don’t feel like awaking the dawn with harp and lyre, like David sings of in the Psalms. Days where you don’t feel like waking at all. Just let me lie here, stay in this bed a little longer and lament what I already anticipate ahead.

But days like these I know I must wrestle harder, beat the ground if I must, and resist my opponents efforts to choke the life I fight for.   Continue reading

Though the woods rejoice…

It seems rather cruel really, once I actually take time to stand still and reflect on it, that the woods which I have always been so drawn to, so loved, so enchanted by, and felt most alive within, might just in fact have been the very place where my life has been turned upside down. Continue reading

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